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Texas A&M-Blinn TEAM

The Texas A&M-Blinn “Transfer Enrollment at A&M” (TEAM) Program is a collaborative, co-enrollment partnership between a major university (Texas A&M) and a community college (Blinn). Each year since 2001 this pioneering initiative has allowed the admission of hundreds of additional qualified students into the Texas A&M freshman class than would have otherwise been possible due to enrollment limitations. 

Participating students enroll in one or two academic courses at Texas A&M each semester, and the remainder of their courses at the Bryan Campus of Blinn College. Students who complete 45 Blinn credit hours and 15 A&M credit hours within a two-year period, while maintaining academic standards, transition into degree-granting majors upon completion of the program. 

TEAM students benefit from enrollment at both institutions; students enjoy the university experience afforded by Texas A&M (such as residence hall life, sports events, and a huge range of student services and activities), while enjoying the smaller classroom environments and costs of Blinn College. Academic advisors, faculty, and staff at both schools facilitate TEAM student successes. TEAM was the first program in Texas to connect a junior and senior institution in exactly this way. 

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board complimented the TEAM Program in 2013 by bestowing “Recognition of Excellence.” In 2014 TEAM received the Board’s coveted “Star Award” as one of the top educational initiatives in Texas. 
Howdy! We appreciate your interest in the Texas A&M-Blinn TEAM Program (TEAM). 

How to Apply: 

High school seniors interested in TEAM must apply to Texas A&M University via the regular freshman admissions process ( 


Participants in TEAM are selected by the Office of Admissions as part of the regular freshman admission process. There is no way to apply directly to the TEAM Program. 

Program Requirements: 

The basic requirements of TEAM include completion of 45 credit hours at Blinn College and 15 credit hours at Texas A&M during the two-year program. Students who complete the academic requirements transition into degree-granting majors through a change of curriculum process (no external application is required), but entering students are not guaranteed entry to a particular college or major in advance. (Entry into many academic majors is competitive based on criteria such as grade point average and prerequisite course completion.) It is possible to transition into some academic majors in less than two years. 
TEAM students transition into degree-granting majors upon completion of the program requirements and entry criteria of the intended college and department. For TEAM students who do not successfully complete the program requirements, it is often possible to transition via the university’s readmission process (subject to current policies). Many former TEAM students have reached their intended college and department through readmission. 

Texas A&M’s readmission policy is intended to enable the return of former students who left school in good academic standing prior to graduation. TEAM students are able to apply for readmission if they left the program without transitioning into a degree-granting major. It is crucial that former students meet with the departmental advisor of the desired academic major prior to submitting an application to assess likelihood of acceptance. 

For information and instructions about current readmission criteria contact the Transition Academic Programs Department. The Office of Admissions readmission web page is located here:

Where will I go for academic advising? You will be able to consult academic advisors at both schools. Your primary academic advisors are located in the Transition Academic Programs (TAP) Advising Office in Hotard Hall (near the A&M water tower, next to the Post Office). Blinn College academic advisors are located in the Central Administrative Services Building at 3125 S. Texas Avenue, Suite 1900 in the Tejas Shopping Center in Bryan (corner of Texas Avenue and Villa Maria). This is conveniently situated at the midpoint of the main route between Texas A&M University and Blinn College.

How will I set up my class schedule(s)? Incoming TEAM students will register for courses while attending a New Student Conference on the Texas A&M University campus. Academic advisors from both A&M and Blinn will be present to make appropriate course recommendations. Factors that influence suggested courses include: Core Curriculum requirements, previously-earned college credits (such as dual credits or AP credits), choice of academic major, exam scores such as TSI/SAT/ACT or Math Placement Exams, prerequisite limitations, and course availability. 

TEAM students must coordinate their class schedules between the two schools to avoid time conflicts. The goal is to minimize transitions between campuses. Many students have found that a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class schedule at A&M and a Tuesday/Thursday schedule at Blinn (or vice versa) is most efficient. If such a schedule is not possible, you may need to have classes on both campuses on the same day. If so, you should try to schedule one campus in the morning and the other in the afternoon to minimize transitions. Always allow at least one hour between classes (for commuting and parking) when you change campuses during the day.

Where will I eat? You may want to wait until you know where you will live, and what your class schedule will be, before you decide on meal arrangements. All students living on the A&M campus are required to purchase a dining plan, but any student may purchase a plan regardless of where they reside. The dining plan will be linked to your student ID card and can be used in all University Dining locations. 

There is a food court on the Blinn campus, but it is not part of A&M’s Dining Services. Students, particularly members of the Corps of Cadets, should evaluate where they will be at meal times before deciding on the A&M dining plan to purchase. Visit the A&M Dining Services website for details (

Can I apply for on-campus housing at TAMU? Yes, TEAM students are eligible to apply for on-campus housing. Students who participate in the Corps of Cadets are guaranteed on-campus housing. TEAM students who wish to join the Corps should submit a housing application, and answer “yes” to the question about Corps participation.

What do I do if I want to be in the Corps of Cadets? Contact information for the Corps is available online at or 1-800-TAMU-AGS.

Will I be able to join a sorority or fraternity at TAMU? 
YES: Collegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC) sororities 
YES: Multicultural and National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations 
YES: Fraternities (Interfraternity Council Organizations)

If I run into a problem in a course, will I be able to drop the course? Yes, you may drop a course at Blinn or A&M, but there are deadlines for dropping courses at each school. (Consult the Blinn and A&M academic calendars.) If you drop a course you may fall behind schedule and need to make up those credits in summer school or subsequent semesters. You must plan to complete the TEAM Program requirements by the end of the first summer session following the sophomore year. Never drop a course without first consulting an academic advisor!

Do I have to have a certain grade point average (GPA) at both Blinn and A&M every semester?No, it is your cumulative GPA that is most important. It is easier to maintain a high GPA each semester rather than trying to raise it late in the program.

Will I be able to enroll for courses in my future major at A&M? Students are able to enroll in some courses that apply to all majors. However, there may be limited or no access at A&M to freshman and sophomore-level courses in majors such as Architecture, Business, Engineering, and Health & Kinesiology. (TEAM students are able to take some equivalent courses in these subject areas at Blinn.) There may be increased possibilities of taking courses in these majors at A&M during summer school. If you have questions about making the transition to these majors, talk to a Transition Academic Programs advisor.

What happens if I fall short of the TEAM program’s academic requirements? Many TEAM students strive to transition before the two year TEAM program ends. Students who have not transitioned to degree-granting majors by the end of the program may be able to gain readmission into majors (as returning former students), subject to current readmission policies.

What tuition and fees do I have to pay? You will have to pay all required tuition and fees (separately) at both schools. The payment of fees made to each institution must meet the respective institution’s deadline. Both schools drop courses if payment deadlines are missed. 

Many TEAM students are able to qualify for financial aid based on the combination of courses at Blinn and A&M. The Texas A&M Scholarships & Financial Aid Office disburses financial aid to eligible TEAM students. The final Blinn College payment deadline sometimes occurs prior to financial aid having been disbursed, nevertheless each student is responsible for meeting the payment deadline. Registering for Direct Deposit will speed the flow of financial aid ( 

The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP), formerly known as the "Texas Tomorrow Fund," may be used simultaneously at both schools. Students must follow the established procedures for Blinn and A&M each semester. Contact the respective financial aid offices for details.

May I take classes during the summer at A&M and/or Blinn? Yes. Students do not have to be co-enrolled at both schools during the summer. Realize that after a student begins the TEAM program, only courses completed at A&M and Blinn may satisfy the TEAM admission requirements. (Courses taken at hometown community colleges may still be transferred to satisfy degree requirements, but such courses will not count toward completion of the TEAM program requirements.) Blinn College offers many distance education courses during the summer that will count toward the TEAM requirements while allowing a student to complete them from home.

Do college credits I earned while in high school count toward completion of the TEAM program requirements? Yes. Transferable credits earned prior to beginning the program will count toward completion of the Blinn 45-credit hour requirement, but course grades earned at other schools will not affect the Blinn or A&M GPA. After a student has begun the TEAM program, courses completed at schools other than Blinn College or Texas A&M University will not count toward completion of the TEAM program requirements.

May I manage a part-time job while attending college? We recommend you limit work commitments until you meet the academic requirements of the TEAM program.

Will I be able to participate in NCAA sports? No. Due to national regulations only students fully enrolled at an institution are eligible to represent that team in NCAA sports.

Will I be able to participate in Sport Clubs? You may be able to participate in sport clubs. All sport clubs are associated with National Governing Bodies, and may require full-time status at one school. Please contact the sport clubs office or the club directly for specific information. Any student can participate in intramurals.

Terms and Conditions Of Student Participation in the TAMU-Blinn TEAM Program 
  1. Guaranteed Admission Successful completion of the TAMU-Blinn TEAM Program guarantees full admission to Texas A&M University (TAMU) but does not guarantee admission to a particular college or major. Students who complete the grade and credit requirements will be automatically admitted (no application is required). Students may choose to compete for transfer admission prior to completion of grade and credit requirements by submitting a transfer application. A student who does not successfully complete the program or gain transfer admission will not be able to continue their enrollment at TAMU after the second year, but may become eligible for readmission as a returning former student after this contract has expired and one regular semester’s absence from TAMU (subject to current readmission criteria).
  2. Grade and Credit Requirements Successful completion of the program requires that participants have a cumulative minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on at least 45 credit hours of transferable work from Blinn College and a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0 on at least 15 credit hours from TAMU and:
    1. At least 12 of the 15 credits taken at TAMU must be in three or four credit hour courses that satisfy TAMU Core Curriculum or Degree requirements; and
    2. Courses taken at Blinn College must be appropriate for the student’s desired major at TAMU. Courses other than these may not be counted toward meeting the minimum required credits; and
    3. Any transferable credits earned through institutions other than Blinn College or TAMU prior to entry into the Blinn TEAM Program will count toward the Blinn credit requirement, but grades received for these credits will not count toward the Blinn GPA requirement. Once a student has entered the Blinn TEAM Program, all credits must be earned at TAMU and Blinn College if they are to be used to satisfy TEAM completion requirements. Any Credit by Examination received through TAMU before the start of the TEAM Program will count toward the Blinn credit requirement.
  3. Enrollment TEAM students must meet the following enrollment guidelines:
    1. TEAM students must enroll for a minimum of 12 total credit hours each Fall and Spring semester. Three to five hours will be at TAMU (including one three or four credit hour course that satisfies a TAMU Core Curriculum or Degree requirement), and the remainder will be at Blinn College. Exceptions to these guidelines will be approved only under extenuating circumstances.
    2. TEAM students who successfully complete a total of 15 credit hours during a semester will be allowed to request enrollment in six hours at TAMU the following semester.
    3. TEAM students may enroll in a total of six TAMU credit hours during the summer. A TEAM student may enroll in a total of six Blinn credit hours per summer term. The combined maximum limit for summer school courses is 14 credit hours. Exceptions to these guidelines will be approved only under extenuating circumstances.
    4. TEAM students who Q-drop or withdraw from his/her TAMU course(s) and fall below one credit will be withdrawn from TAMU for that semester, thus forfeiting all TAMU student privileges for the remainder of the term (i.e., use of campus facilities, residence halls, sports tickets, etc.). Unless otherwise prohibited, this student may continue in the TEAM Program in the subsequent semester.
    5. TEAM students must plan their course schedules so as to ensure completion of the program requirements in a timely manner as required in #5 below.
  4. GPA Calculation A GPA will be calculated at each institution based on the courses taken by the student at that institution. Grades for all transferable courses are to be used in the computation of the GPA at the respective institutions, including the following: Failing grades, repeated courses, WF, Incomplete, etc. Grades reported as Incomplete are computed as Fs until the Incomplete is replaced with a grade.
  5. Timely Completion Students participating in the TEAM program must satisfactorily complete the program requirements within a period that begins with the Fall semester of the year of admission to the program, and ends with completion of the first summer session following the second year of enrollment in the program. Students must make appropriate progress on passed credit hours and GPA to remain in the program.
  6. Removal from TAMU-Blinn TEAM Program Students removed from the program for academic or disciplinary reasons will not be guaranteed admission to TAMU. Students removed from the program will not be permitted continued enrollment at TAMU, but may continue enrollment at Blinn College at the discretion of Blinn officials. Students who are in good academic standing (GPA> 2.0), but are not projected to successfully complete the program requirements or qualify for transfer admission, may be removed from the program. Such students may become eligible for readmission as returning former students after this contract has expired, and after a minimum one semester absence from TAMU (subject to current readmission criteria).
  7. Fees The payment of fees made to each institution must meet the respective institution’s deadline.